10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About OnePlus TVs

Looking for a new TV to purchase? OnePlus TVs have caused a stir in the market and are here to stay for a long time. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about the OnePlus TVs.

Know About OnePlus TVs

Today, markets abound with the range of LED TVs that can often make one dizzy while choosing the right model. One of the few models that top the list of the most popular options is made by tech giant OnePlus, and these models look and promise uncompromising quality.

OnePlus TVs are new on the block but have ensured that they are here to stay. Like the smartphone range that caused a stir in the market, the LED TVs managed to introduce flagship features, which have impressed customers ever since. If you are looking to buy OnePlus TV here are some of the features that you probably missed out on so must check below.

High Refresh Rates

If you have ever used a OnePlus smartphone, you would know the smoothness with which you can navigate through your screen. The comfort is due to the high refresh rate of 60Hz. OnePlus TVs come with similar high refresh rates to eliminate lag and any blur that you may have experienced in older models.

HDMI & USB ports

Having an LED TV that doesn’t allow you to connect to your secondary devices is equal to living in the ‘80s. Today, TVs such as OnePlus LED TV models are built with unique High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI as it is commonly called, and USB ports. These tiny ports can connect a secondary device such as a PC or laptop to your LED TV through a cable. Once you are synced, you can transfer data and enjoy content on your TV screen. 

Wi-Fi connectivity

Ever thought that your LED TV could be connected to the internet? With that possibility, it opens up a breadth of opportunities that were unthought-of earlier. OnePlus TVs can be connected to a wireless network via its Wi-Fi connectivity. After you are connected, you can download apps, stream online videos and play the latest music at the next party you host. 

Screen mirroring options

Essentially, what screen mirroring does is give you a smartphone experience at the level of television. As the name suggests, screen mirroring gives you a parallel screen on your LED TV through the use of Miracast (for Android users). You can download the app on your OnePlus LED TV, go to screen mirroring settings on your smartphone or tablet, turn it on and experience an altogether new view!

Dolby Audio Output

A television set is incomplete without a robust audio system that can boost your overall experience. OnePlus TVs are incorporated with Dolby Audio systems that give a variety of sound outputs depending on the model. Ideally, a 16W or 20W sound output is enough for you to experience surround sound and theatre-like ambience at home.

Noise Reduction Features in OnePlus LED Tv

Forget about extraneous noises making their way into your TV-watching. The OnePlus LED TV cancels out any extra noise so you can enjoy uninterrupted audio-visuals.

Bezel-Less Design

Bezel refers to the frame of the LED TV. Today, most modern TV sets lack bezels or are bezel-less. The OnePlus LED TV is no different, for it comes with a narrow bezel that gives it an ultra-sleek look.

Android Compatibility 

OnePlus Smart TVs are designed to be easily connected to your smartphones and tablets. In case you own an Android device, you can easily pair it with your LED TV and enjoy multimedia features and functionality. 

Built-in Google Play Store

It is high time that apps become enjoyable on the big screen as well. OnePlus transforms that into reality. The LED TVs by the brand are equipped with an inbuilt Google Play Store, where you can download and install your favourite apps and use them seamlessly.

Warranty assured by the brand Oneplus

OnePlus TVs are known for their uncompromising quality. However, they also come with a warranty assured by the brand, so you can continue to use the TV for a long time without worrying about timely repairs.

Thus, OnePlus TVs come with a wide assortment of features and top-notch specifications. These 10 aspects might not be ‘secrets’ in the literal sense, but they are features you might not be aware of. OnePlus LED TV delivers unparalleled performance and you can rely on these LED TVs to satiate your entertainment needs.

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