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10 Reasons Why Students Need Technology in the Classroom

The existence of technology has given this world a new look. The things don’t seem like they used to be before. When there was no sign of technology in the life of students or teachers. The technology has made the teachers so handy that. They are expanding the teaching techniques they were using in the past. The teachers don’t have to open their journals to look for the record for the students calling for “Calculate my GPA UK” you have got everything on your fingertips now.

It is ok to say that the classrooms in today’s time look more like an IT workplace where every other student has the laptops set in front of them to complete all their class tasks and cope with the class lectures. This technological change in the education sector has brought in various learning and studying things. Hence, students never have a reason related to the learning difficulty. However, a deep detail of why the students need technology in the classroom is mentioned below;

  • To give a big pool of learning resources for the students and teachers both

The problem of issuing books from the library or buying a single book just to search a chapter. Learn for an exam wasted a lot of time for the students. It was always a familiar situation or an everyday routine that whenever a long queue of students walks in the library, the majority of them comes out without issuing any book because the books have ended as a significant number of students have issued it. Now since you have the support of technology, you can get a hand on the eBooks provided online. You don’t even have to walk in the library, search all day long for the book you want. The eBooks can be issued or accessed by 1000 at once, and you can download the book for your need easily.

  • Betterment in between teacher and student’s interaction

The technology has worked so well that it is considered a great source of making the teacher and student interaction a bit easy. Through technological advancements, you can start a classroom blog as per your need. The teachers and the students can post the extended and prior knowledge articles and blogs on the blog that are of great help in the academic performance. When the students have the bank of prior knowledge with them, they will always be interested in taking part in class discussions and being active members of the class.

  • Immediate Feedback

The advancements in technology are made to speed up the processes. It should be appreciated that the agenda behind this is approved. The technology helps people get instant feedback on their queries instant via email. Even if you have some queries that need to be sorted before hiring the British assignment writers, they can be solved within the distance of an email. Even the students can easily send the survey forms and questionnaire to analyze their performance in the comfort of their home or office.

  • Smart Boards invention

Right after the blackboard, the advancements have transformed it into a whiteboard where you don’t have to bear the particles of chalks coming on your face when the teacher are writing on the board using chalks. Now right after the whiteboards, the intelligent boards have taken the lead. Schools prefer using smart boards in the replacement of whiteboards. With the help of this smartboard, the teacher can showcase the crucial files and lectures that they have on their personal computer. There will be no chances that the lecture will be interrupted; you can easily switch on the educational applications and learning aids quickly.

  • Making distance learning easier

Right after the pandemic, the schools and universities decided to continue online learning as it is an advanced way of teaching and learning. Also, it is much easier for the majority. (Hoi, S. C., Sahoo, D., Lu, J., & Zhao, P. (2021).  However, the thought of practicing distant learning has been made easy with many applications that can help you understand better and enjoy the online learning process.

  • Involvement of guest lecturers

Online learning and video conferencing have also made the thought of inviting over the highly qualified personalities to pool in their knowledge. With the help of video conferencing, guest lecturers from any destination can join in the conference and play their part to educate the children with more information regarding a particular topic. Also, the guest lecturer does not have to travel to the country where the students want them. Still, sitting at home can benefit the students via video call.

  • The invention of lecture capture technology

It is one of the significant reasons a classroom should use technology. As defined by the name, the “lecture capture technology” can make a digital copy of the lecture you have attended. Whereas, if you are not able to cover a great distance and reach to make it to the lecture on time and are not able to attend the course, then you should know that this lecture capture technology will keep safe the lectures that you have missed or couldn’t attend due to some significant cause.

  • Personalized learning tools

To help the students who need extra time to invest in their learning process. Cope with the class level, the personalized tool works in the best favor of it. As per your learning difficulties, you can get a hand on the learning tool that will assist you the way you want it. Moreover, the tools are so unique that they can provide video clips to solve your query by each step given and explained.

  • The podcast Facility

Things have changed impressively by having the presence of technology. Teachers can easily upload audio and video lectures for the ease of their students. As the audios and videos are more effective than the written lectures. Also, these videos are posted permanently so that you can turn back to them at any hour of your need.

  • Intelligent tutoring

When the teachers used to conduct the lectures and ask for frequent answers, many got confused and had a late processing time. The adaptive learning methodology has made it different. Every other student will be assisted according to his own level of perfection. Adaptive learning aims to bring all the students to the same learning by working on their priorities.

These were 10 significant reasons why you need to make use of technology in your classroom. This technology will act as a helping hand for you. Whether you are a teacher or a student, these technological advancements will help you a lot. So make use of the things you think will be in your best favor.


Hoi, S. C., Sahoo, D., Lu, J., & Zhao, P. (2021). Online learning: A comprehensive survey. Neurocomputing, 459, 249-289.

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