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10 Must Try Trendy Hair Colors for 2022 fall

theIf you’re enamored with warm weather like I am, you probably need more than just the promise of a hot latte or chai which is not enough to motivate you to brave the chilly weather that November will undoubtedly bring. And what better way to accomplish that than by changing the color of your hair to one of the hottest and trendy hair colors for 2022?

Let’s admit it, few emotions can compare to the joy you feel after leaving the salon with a brand-new color. Here are some of the new trendy hair colors for 2022 that will leave your hair in awe!

1. Honey-gold blonde 

It’s time to shift away from showy blondes and move toward a natural golden brown, whether you’re already blonde or going blonde for the first time. It’s time to tone down the blonde for this season. From improved natural color to the oaty and golden blonde that is whitish. The hair color that will be most in demand as the colder months approach is honey-gold blonde, which is the ideal combination of blonde and brown.

Honey-gold blonde - Trendy Hair Colors 2022
Honey-gold blonde

2. Honey-caramel 

Honey caramel and blondes are undoubtedly comparable. One of the popular trendy hair colors 2022 is caramel which is as enticing as it sounds. Especially if you can’t decide between a completely blonde or brunette look. Caramel shades essentially fall between golden blondes, browns, and even gentle reds. You can obtain a creamy caramel hair color this season.

Honey-caramel - Trendy Hair Colors 2022

3. Fine lines 

Bold highlights are a thing of the past. This season, finer, more organic-looking highlights are popular. Ask your hair colorist to give you the ideal combination of finely woven highlights and lowlights if you want summer hair colors like the brilliant blonde that Khloe Kardashian pulled off so well. This enables you to achieve a bold blonde look without going overboard. If you want to tone down the highlights, ask for baby lights that aren’t overly blended or chunky.

Fine lines - natural highlights
Fine lines – natural highlights

4. Warm brunettes

A classic brunette is always in style when it comes to hair color, but this season is more about a warm brunette. When brunettes have highlights, flamboyant colors are strongly discouraged. They ought to choose darker blonde shades like rich golden blonde and more muted ones like caramel and chocolate. This creates a warm brown overall appearance with a hint of amber or gold tones.

Warm brunettes - Trendy Hair Colors 2022
Warm brunettes

5. Expensive brunette 

Numerous blonde celebrities, including Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, switched from their blonde to an expensive brunette style. A premium brunette appearance consists of gorgeous brown hair that has more depth and detail. An elegant brunette look aims to provide you with details in several darker tones for a more dimensional and pricey-looking appearance.

Brunette - Trendy Hair Colors 2022

6. Deep auburn

If you love red, you must choose deeper, richer colors of red this season. The coming winter will be all about deep, rich hues like auburn. These bold hair colors in shades of deep red go perfectly with everything in your winter style book. Red is the color for you if you have brown eyes or a darker skin tone.

Deep auburn - Trendy Hair Colors 2022
Deep auburn

7. Cinnamon Red

If you want to experiment with red but aren’t quite ready for a dramatic red appearance, then you must choose cinnamon red. One of the hottest trendy hair colors 2022 right now is cinnamon red, which is essentially a milder interpretation of red tones. A rich auburn or a light reddish brown can both be used to describe cinnamon red. It strikes the ideal balance between copper and chestnut tones.

Cinnamon Red -Trendy Hair Colors 2022
Cinnamon Red

8. Brunette Balayage

The brunette balayage style involves adding highlights to your naturally dark hair. The French coloring method known as “balayage” is used to enhance softer, warmer highlights for depth. This method of hair coloring can produce noticeably softer and gentler color strokes for a more youthful and improved but still brunette appearance.

Brunette Balayage
Brunette Balayage

9. Teal Blue hair color

Royal blue and sky blue have each had their fair share of hair moments. It balances being light and being very brilliant. Whether your skin tone tends toward fairness or not, you should embrace this blue hair color since it will effortlessly complement all skin tones without making them look washed out. We’re talking about blue which is more contemporary and edgy.

Teal Blue hair color
Teal Blue hair color

10. Cherry-Cola

Maintaining brilliant red and violet tones in dark red brunettes creates a ‘cherry-cola look’ with mahogany tones that lay between red and violet. It has also been anticipated that sweet strawberry blonde and copper colors will be popular for some time to come.

Cherry-Cola Hair
Cherry-Cola Hair

According to Noir Salon Punjabi Bagh, one option to try this trendy hair color is to temporarily cover brunette hair with a temporary red mask and add a flash of red, keeping the brunette’s depth while letting the red sheen show through the light.


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