10 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video Marketing Benefits for Small Businesses

There are many benefits of video marketing for small businesses together with boosting sales, building emblem reach, and growing conversions. Learn how you can use video to your advantage.

Chances are, in case you’re a marketer for a small commercial enterprise, you put on many unique hats. Some of them possibly aren’t even marketing hats. From product marketing to content creation, social posts to occasion presence—even sales—you name it: It’s on you. So why could you want to and add video advertising on top of all that? The reality is, there are A LOT of blessings of video marketing for small businesses.

We’ve been given 14 reasons why you must care about video—at the side of examples of the way video can help your business and save you time and money in the long run.

10 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

1. Get at the Second-Largest Search Engine within the World

With over a thousand million users who watch over 250 million hours of video each day, YouTube is the second one-largest search engine in the world. It’s where your potential consumers are searching, so you’d better be there. “How-to” searches are many of the most popular on YouTube, making educational content material a strategic opportunity in this space.

Make the maximum of the platform through expertise on how YouTube content material fits into the customers’ journey.

2. Rank Higher in Search

While YouTube is the second largest search engine, Google is the primary. Adding video to your website can boom your search rankings on Google (and others like Bing and Yahoo) considerably.

The fact is, adding a video to your internet site increases your chances of ranking on the primary page of Google results. That makes it nicely really worth the effort—particularly when 75% of humans in no way venture past that first web page!

3. Increase the Understanding of Your Product

Products can be complex, and it’s important that your target audience is familiar with yours earlier than they make a buy. Lucky for you, internet site traffic is sixty four to eighty five% more likely to buy after watching a product video.

An explainer video offers you a chance to reveal—not simply inform—capacity customers what you’re supplying and how it solves a problem. It tops our listing of endorsed motion pictures to make first for video marketing for small agencies. So in case you don’t have one, get on it!

4. Offer Your Consumers the Medium They Want

fifty one.7% of global internet customers elderly 16 to 64 say that watching movies, TV shows and movies is their primary cause for the usage of the net! On pinnacle of that, 86% of human beings would really like to see more video from manufacturers. Out of those, 36% say they’d most like to see extra academic/explainer video style content, with 14% trying to see greater product demos.

Without a doubt, video content material is your audience’s medium of desire. Knowing that, why no longer provide the humans what they want?

5. Boost Email Click-Throughs

Using video for outreach can assist wreck thru inboxes and earn 3x greater responses.

The first-rate way to encompass video in email isn’t to embed the video itself. This is because most electronic mail clients don’t in reality guide online gambling of the video. Even if they do, huge video files increase the chance of your email getting caught in junk mail filters. Instead, consist of a thumbnail from the video within the email body that users can click on to view the video to your website or touchdown page. You may even set the player to autoplay for the fewest clicks.

6. Build Stronger Brand Affiliation and Connection

Watching a video presents both audio and visual stimulation. The mere activation of each of these areas of the brain method that visitors are more engaged and therefore naturally broaden stronger association and interest inside the content material they’re consuming.

This is crucial for a small business striving for brand reputation and dependent on loyal customers who maintain coming lower back for extra. In 2020, ninety four% of entrepreneurs stated that video transformed the identical or higher than another content form, that is worth constructing on!

7. Capitalize at the Low Barrier to Entry

A lot of small agencies (and groups in widespread) assume that there are excessive charges associated with video advertising for small groups and a long list of devices that makes entering into the video marketing space problematic. It turns out, that’s all a fantasy.

Chances are, you have as a minimum a 1080p camera in your pocket or at your table proper now.

All you really want to get started is a telephone and a few primary enhancing software. Even something like iMovie can be all the muscle you want to get started. So play with the massive children—you’re prepared now!

8. Show Up More in Social Feeds

Social media feeds (Facebook and Instagram, in particular) do a top notch job of showing human beings what they want to see. Algorithms primarily based on customers’ previous interest, make it tough for small companies to be observed by using new audiences.

At the equal time, in 2020, ninety three% of businesses landed a new client because of a video on social media. People are much more likely to stop mid-scroll for appealing video content and those interactions will continually help your reach. So on the subject of social, video is your express course to being visible.

9. Create More Low-Touch Education Options

You shouldn’t have a large group to excel at video advertising for small corporations. So the more you can inspire your target market to educate and assist themselves at some point of the client’s journey, the better.

By creating low-touch instructional video content, you’re making it less difficult no longer best at the buyer however additionally on the income team. (Especially if that income group is you!)

10. Tell a Stronger Story

There’s no better way to reel consumers in than with a compelling tale. And who higher to percentage your tale than your biggest advocates: Your clients? You can document patron testimonials in man or woman, however that isn’t continually viable.

Luckily, there are other methods to make the magic manifest. Getting a patron on video can be as easy (and as low-value) as asking them to document themselves on their webcam or telephone (use an unfastened tool just like the Chrome extension to make it even simpler). You can offer them a list of possible questions to reply or allow them to run with things completely unscripted. Either manner, it’s effective to have a real character give an explanation of their own phrases why they love your product, your emblem, and your team.

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